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Some of the Services Provided

Excellence in Client Care

Embarking on a new path can be confusing, Imagine going to a new town or country without first consulting Google Maps or without getting directions on your smart phone? What route do I take? Where do I turn next? How far do I have to go? Starting recovery from substance abuse, behavioral problems or trauma are similar -- we need a guide. We need to ask for help. Along  with not knowing the path, these new beginnings can be one of the scariest times for clients. I  help individuals and families by guiding, mentoring, supporting  and providing my own experiential expertise to walk with them side by side towards hope, good health and 360 degrees of wellness leading to a sustainable recovery that gets better with time including reduced relapse rates and increased treatment retention.*


As each client, each person is unique and individual, with unique and individual needs, hopes and dreams, when beginning our work together we will discuss and tailor the services you require to what is best for you to reach your goals and needs. As we work together we will assess and reassess where you are at, and perhaps change course along the way ensuring you get the most out of our work together this includes ensuring costs and fees are within your budget and affordable.

From our first call, I will provide you with resources to ensure you are supported immediately and every effort will be made to provide help as soon as possible. 


On Line Recovery Coaching

Post-Treatment Support, Family Support & RC-Lite

Regular and consistent sessions with a Recovery Coach can help maintain recovery and provide support after treatment, build recovery capital, adhere to after-care plan and ensure recovery and life goals are prioritised. 

Families and loved ones with benefit from On Line Recovery Coaching through weekly online sessions discussing subjects such as boundaries, resources, book discussions, psycho-education and advice on how to assist their loved one just home from treatment.

Staying accountable, connected and motivated to healthy, new and challenging experiences ensures on-going abstinence, well-being and happiness.

RC-Lite is a lighter blend of recovery coaching and sharing time for clients needing an occasional boost of motivation or inspiration, We usually meet once a week and up to 4 times a month for a gentle discussion about what's happening in daily life. Most RC-Lite clients have at least two years of solid recovery time so once a week or every other week might just be the amount of coaching that is right for you.


Each client is unique and so care is taken to ensure the needs and goals of each client are considered.

Put recovery first and schedule an appointment to discuss how Evyan can assist with regular on-line zoom sessions.

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24/7 Recovery Coaching

Live-in Assistance. Travel Support, Recovery Companion Services

Available for clients 24/7 either for urgent crisis situations, returning from a treatment program, traveling for business, or other important event or situation, you will be provided with non-judgemental, compassionate, professional support, accountability or motivation to stay on course.

Evyan collaborates effectively with support teams and other practitioners as needed and ensures safety is maintained.
Highly trained and experienced, 
companion services are available for those in need of daily dedicated support 24/7 and on a live in basis.

Highly experienced in and accustomed to working with UHNWI, VIPs, entertainment professionals and other dignitaries, Evyan is adept at utilising her particular set of skills acquired over a very long career and handling unique situations with ease and confidence while providing clients with discrete support such as staying in the background during a publicity shoot, stepping aside during introductions, appearing as a PA or other tactics to ensure privacy and discretion.

Additionally, Sober Companion services can be utilized long-term or on an as needed basis to maintain stability, ensure adherence to court ordered sobriety or on short term basis such as  providing support during a transition period, helping an individual travel to or from treatment, to an important function or on tour.

Companion support is also available to facilitate safe transports for clients either nationally or internationally.

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Behavioural Health Support for Study Abroad Students In Rome Italy

Being an exchange student should be fun, rewarding and available to anyone!

The health, safety and wellbeing of international students is essential to a rewarding experience while in Rome. Living and studying in Rome Italy is exciting, but we know that getting settled into a new country with different customs, languages, food and just getting around can be daunting, too, especially for students with mental health or behavioural health needs. 

My experience with local professionals, knowing the ins and outs of public services, fluency in the local language and having had my own personal struggles with mental health and addiction before arriving and during the first few years I was in Italy, I am not only able to empathize with the struggles my clients may face, but also be the boots on the ground for anything my clients need at any time 24/7 while they are studying abroad in Rome.

From the initial online meeting with clients and their families, to when my clients arrive in Rome, to their departure day, I am able to put their mind at ease knowing they have someone ready to answer any questions upon arrival. And family members know their student will not be on their own in a new city.

Together we will decide on how often to meet, where to meet — either online, in person or via text — what kind of help might be needed or if it's enough just knowing that someone is close by when or if needed. 


Evyan provides all the practical and emotional support and assistance at every stage of your student's  journey any time day or night. Together we will discover how to solve problems and come up with ideas for solutions.


Thankfully, the barriers to students who need a little extra support no longer have to be an issue with the care and support of Evyan. 

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Group Therapy

Family or Group Coaching

Addiction & Behavioral Health Education for Loved Ones

Research has found that behavioural health treatment that includes family therapy works better than treatment that does not, and when combined with individual treatment, can reduce rates of relapse, improve medication adherence, reduce psychiatric symptoms, and relieve stress. Evyan provides family psycho-education, communication tools, lessons on boundaries and other topics enabling families and loved ones to find balance, harmony and happiness.

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ARISE® Intervention and Continuing Care

Using Family and Network Links to Engage Addicted Persons in Treatment

The ARISE® Intervention and Continuing Care is a process developed to help individuals and families dealing with addiction (either substances or process/behavioural addictions) or any chronic, relapsing mental or physical illness. ARISE® is a process, not an event, and the primary goal is long-term recovery and healing for individual and family. The process begins with Invitational Intervention® that mobilizes the Intervention Network towards motivating an individual struggling with into treatment. Everyone in the family and significant members of the support system are invited to participate in the process. There are no secrets and no surprises. Incremental pressure is applied until treatment entry is achieved. 
[Results of a clinical trial in the United States through the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) resulted in 83% of addicted individuals entering treatment in three weeks and 96% in 6 months. Several real world replication studies showed 61% sober by the end of the first year, with an additional 10% using less.]

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