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Bespoke Services

for International, Online, In Person Clients

personalised programme is required for clients to gain the skills and tools necessary for a sustainable recovery so they can live their life to the fullest.
All programs begin with an assessment up to two hours.
After assessment, a Collaborative Coaching Recovery plan is developed addressing the client's primary health needs and recovery goals.


Intensive recovery plan (IRP) for alcohol, substance or behaviour health support
Online (or in person for Rome based clients)

3 month commitment required 
1st month €2500/2nd month** €1800/3rd month** €1000, (€5300 total) 

IRP after-care - €120/online or in-person per session up to 50 minutes local clients only* 

Additional add-on services (such as in-person, additional support, family services/support) to be charged based on hourly rates.

Suggested also as Post-Treatment Support

With IRP, Clients are guided with regular and consistent sessions. This is an intenese program which includes daily online sessions (or in person for Rome based clients) for the first month, every other day sessions the second month and twice a week the third month (**based on clients/coach's needs assessment and review.)

Daily sessions with a Recovery Coach can help maintain recovery, provide support after treatment, build recovery capital, help clients adhere to after-care plan and ensure recovery and life goals are prioritised. 


Being accountable, connected and motivated to healthy, new and challenging experiences ensures on-going abstinence, well-being and peace of mind.

*Local Clients May be seen at the above rates however any travel at clients expense. Fees are discussed and agreed upon prior to any services provided. 

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24/7 Recovery Coaching

Live-in Assistance. Travel Support, Recovery Companion Services

Available for clients 24/7 for urgent crisis situations, returning from a treatment program, traveling for business, or other important event or situation, you will be provided with non-judgemental, compassionate, professional support, accountability or motivation to stay on course.

Evyan collaborates effectively with support teams and other practitioners as needed and ensures safety is maintained.
Highly trained and experienced, 
companion services are available for those in need of daily dedicated support 24/7 and on a live in basis.

Highly experienced in and accustomed to working with UHNWI, VIPs, entertainment professionals and other dignitaries, Evyan is adept at utilising her particular set of skills acquired over a very long career and handling unique situations with ease and confidence while providing clients with discrete support such as staying in the background during a publicity shoot, stepping aside during introductions, appearing as a PA or other tactics to ensure privacy and discretion.

Additionally, Sober Companion services can be utilized long-term or on an as needed basis to maintain stability, ensure adherence to court ordered sobriety or on short term basis such as  providing support during a transition period, helping an individual travel to or from treatment, to an important function or on tour.

Companion support is also available to facilitate safe transports for clients either nationally or internationally.

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Behavioural Health Support for Study Abroad Students In Rome Italy

Being an exchange student should be fun, rewarding and available to anyone!

The health, safety and wellbeing of international students is essential to a rewarding experience while in Rome. Living and studying in Rome Italy is exciting, but we know that getting settled into a new country with different customs, languages, food and just getting around can be daunting, too, especially for students with mental health or behavioural health needs. 

My experience with local professionals, knowing the ins and outs of public services, fluency in the local language and having had my own personal struggles with mental health and addiction before arriving and during the first few years I was in Italy, I am not only able to empathize with the struggles my clients may face, but also be the boots on the ground for anything my clients need at any time 24/7 while they are studying abroad in Rome.

From the initial online meeting with clients and their families, to when my clients arrive in Rome, to their departure day, I am able to put their mind at ease knowing they have someone ready to answer any questions upon arrival. And family members know their student will not be on their own in a new city.

Together we will decide on how often to meet, where to meet — either online, in person or via text — what kind of help might be needed or if it's enough just knowing that someone is close by when or if needed. 


Evyan provides all the practical and emotional support and assistance at every stage of your student's  journey any time day or night. Together we will discover how to solve problems and come up with ideas for solutions.


Thankfully, the barriers to students who need a little extra support no longer have to be an issue with the care and support of Evyan. 

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Group Therapy

Family or Group Coaching

Addiction & Behavioral Health Education for Loved Ones

Research has found that behavioural health treatment that includes family therapy works better than treatment that does not, and when combined with individual treatment, can reduce rates of relapse, improve medication adherence, reduce psychiatric symptoms, and relieve stress. Evyan provides family psycho-education, communication tools, lessons on boundaries and other topics enabling families and loved ones to find balance, harmony and happiness.

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Trauma-Informed Culturally Respectful International Interventions

Helping Loved Ones Enter Treatment and Stay Supported When They Return Home

Recognizing that a loved one, friend, family member or a colleague needs help may take time, sometimes years and often by the time it is apparent a person needs help it may be very difficult — almost impossible — for you to convince them to get help or enter into treatment. 

We have often heard from clients that they were told that their loved one “needs to hit rock bottom” or “they just arent ready yet to get help” -- words to someone who cares about a person who is self-harming through alcohol, drugs, disordered eating or other life-threatening behaviour would certainly cause agony as they think: What is Rock Bottom? or How much worse does it have to get before someone will help?

An Intervention is a Structured Process aimed at saving a life.

Utilzing a Trauma-Informed Culturally Sensitive Intervention, the person of concern is encouraged and motivated to recognize the need for help for an addiction to drugs, alcohol, eating disorders or any compulsive behavior or other problems.The goal of the Intervention is to approach the individual of concern in a manner which is compassionate and non-threatening, and to help them to see how their substance use or behaviour is impacting their life – and the lives of all around them, their health, their work, their future.

All Interventions begin with an assessment and discussion and depending on the seriousness and nature of the self-harming behavior a suggested path for the Intervention is recommended. 

A Culturally Respectful International Intervention utilizes various models of interventions based on the needs of the person of concern — all possible rejections by the person of concern are addressed,  all family members are coached on how to present their concerns, every detail of the client's transfer to treatment is prepared in advance so that they may swiftly move from home to treatment center. 

Another very important aspect of the CRII is the need for flexibility and the ability to roll with the resistance of the person of concern. Only our Interventionists have the International acumen to adapt to the ever changing landscape of Interventions.

While it is helpful to have a solid pathway when working with people -- especially people with addictions and behavioral health needs -- one needs to be able to find immediate solutions, recalculate the course and implement diverse options for the client. 

One of the most useful Intervention Methods is the ARISE® Intervention and Continuing Care process. This process developed by Dr. Juidth Landau (USA) is highly effective at helping individuals and families dealing with addiction (either substances or process/behavioural addictions) or any chronic, relapsing mental or physical illness.


All Interventions are a process, not a single isolated event, with the primary goal of long-term sustainable recovery. 


The process begins with a conversation, may progress to a family meeting and depending on outcomes of each process, incremental pressure is applied until treatment is achieved. Family and significant members of the individual’s support system are encouraged to participate in the process. 


[“Results of a clinical trial in the United States through the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) resulted in 83% of addicted individuals entering treatment in three weeks and 96% in 6 months. Several real world replication studies showed 61% sober by the end of the first year, with an additional 10% using less. - ARISE Network Continuum of Care]

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