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I am glad you are here.

Hello and thank you for arriving here.

And I am sorry that you have had to arrive here as well.

From my own experience arriving on a website like mine has not been an easy choice. Im sure it has barely been a choice, because desperation is not a choice. It is a must. A longing for something better, but not knowing if "better" is possible. 

So I want to congratulate you for your courage and at the same time tell you that I am sorry for what you have gone through or have been going through that has lead you here. I want to tell you: You don't deserve the pain that has brought you here, It is not your fault. And I am so sorry. I am sure that you never expected to have to reach out, or to find yourself in this situation, needing help, wanting hope, desperate to be heard and understood. 

Or maybe, you are here because your loved one, a child, young adult, husband, wife, sister, brother, close friend needs support. 

Maybe a little support while studying at school in Rome or maybe a lot of support such as an intervention to help them get into some kind of better situation such as a treatment center or therapy.

Whatever reason brought you here, I want you to know, you are no longer alone.

I am here to help.



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