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About Me

Experience & Qualifications

Originally from California, USA, I have been living, travelling and working overseas since 1993. 

After many years of working with International Organizations, and many years working on my own recovery, health and mental well-being, I pursued education and trainings to become one of Europe's first Italian-speaking Certified Recovery Coaches and Certified ARISE Interventionist supporting both Italian and English speaking clients.

Because of the potentially long-lasting negative impact of trauma on physical and mental health, ways to address clients’ history of trauma have drawn the attention of health care professionals world-wide. Trauma-informed care acknowledges the need to understand a client's life experiences in order to deliver effective care with the potential to improve clients' engagement, treatment adherence, health outcomes and sustainable wellness.  Utilizing evidenced-based practices clients develop skills to build self-esteem, resilience and self-reliance.

Families and loved ones are encouraged to participate in up-to-date and current psycho-education, compassionate communication and wellness exercises to help support their loved one's journey and enhance the entire family's happiness and joy. 

Highly motivated, resourceful, committed and compassionate, I work with a clients all over the world and online.

Latest Education and Certifications

Suicide Assessment, Risk Assessment & Management: Challenges and Opportunities (2022) Destinations for Teens, California

Trauma-Informed Recovery (2022) Lou Lebentz, Trauma Thrivers

Trauma Recovery Coach (2020) IAOTRC (USA)

Certified ARISE Interventionist, ARISE Network (USA), May 2017/2018 (Re-certified 2021)

International Recovery Institute, (UK) May 2018.

Specialization working with music industry and entertainment professionals.

International Recovery Institute - (UK, USA)

Trained & Certified International Recovery Coach/Interventionist, International Transport Specialist

IRSI Certified International Trauma-Informed Recovery Coach

Emphasis is placed on privacy, discretion and confidentiality.

Seduta dalla psicologa
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