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About Me

Experience & Qualifications

Personal Qualifications

Over 23 years of continuous recovery from alcohol and substance abuse

Psychotherapeutic work on Trauma, Family Dynamics, Addiction, Disordered Eating

Experience with EMDR, rTMS, Hypnotherapy, NLP, 12-step groups

Professional Experience in Addiction, Behavioral Health

Volunteer work with peer based services

In-patient treatment support, group facilitation, over-night care at facilities up to 28 persons,

San Nicola Treatment Center, Italy & Promises, Santa Monica

Pro-bono support for English-speaking homeless, Rome Italy

Rome Liaison for iCAAD,  International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders

CPR, Italian Red Cross

Volunteer Liaison and Outreach for Rome Consensus 2.0, Villa Mariani, Rome Italy

Other international relevant work experience

19 years UN Based organizations, Rome Italy

3 years American Embassy, Rome Italy

3.5 years US NATO/NSA Military base civilian support, Vicenza & Naples Italy

Trainings, Certifications

Suicide Assessment, Risk Assessment & Management: Challenges and Opportunities (2022) Destinations for Teens, California

Trauma-Informed Recovery (2022) Lou Lebentz, Trauma Thrivers

Certified International Trauma-Informed Recovery Coaching (2021) IRSI, UK

Trauma Recovery Coach (2020) IAOTRC (USA)

Harm Reduction Level 1,, Center for Optimal Health, Dr. Andrew Tatarsky 

Certified ARISE Interventionist, ARISE Network (USA), May 2017/2018 (Re-certifiying 2023)

International Recovery Institute, (UK) May 2018.

Specialization working with music industry and entertainment professionals.

International Recovery Institute - (UK, USA) 2018

Recovery Coaching, (USA) 2018   CCAR 

Counselling and 12 Core Functions, Individual Counselling Skills, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling Coursework  (USA) 2015 - 2016 UCLA Extension Program 

The Neuroscience of Addiction, 2020 (USA) NAADAC

Assistant Trainer for Certified International Recovery Coach/Interventionist, International Transport Specialist

International Recovery Specialist Institute, Sober Academy, Janique Svedberg

Seduta dalla psicologa
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