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Online Zoom Session

Link to Zoom Session

Click on this link to join our scheduled session together

Meeting ID: 422 746 9088

Passcode: 9f8pWt

What will our first session be like?

Our first session usually lasts about two hours and in it we will discuss your personal goals and hopes for working with a Recovery Coach. Often clients wish to talk about their history and or challenges, but it is up to you. The most important parts of the first session is that you feel comfortable with me, that you get answers to questions, and that you know what to expect as far as costs, schedules, and my own personal policies.

Is working with a recovery coach covered under insurance?

Working with me may be covered under your insurance. My clients have had my fees reimbursed however it is a process and may take some extra work on my part that will need to be charged for, for instance, report writing and liaising with other professionals such as psychiatrists and your own medical doctor.

Do you offer scholarships or reduced fees if I can't afford you?

By all means, I offer reduced fees and or scholarships for people who are not able to afford my fees. However it will require filling out a scholarship request form. I always try to find ways to accommodate clients and offer many referrals as well to fee resources both local and online.

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