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Bio: Meet the Team
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Evyan Elizabeth

Certified Trauma-Informed Behavioral Health Coach

Internationally, trained & certified ARISE Interventionist and Trauma-Informed Recovery Coach specialising in working with clients and their families around the world, Evyan helps clients build self-esteem, develop healthy boundaries and create routines that reinforce self-respect and well-being. Utilising her own Experiential Expertise, clients gain recovery skills from self-harming behaviour, substance use and trauma including C-PTSD, betrayal trauma and narcissistic relationships.  Evyan maintains current and up-to-date by engaging in ongoing education and by liaising with other practitioners experts in their fields throughout the world. Highly committed to her clients and their families, Evyan is resourceful, informed and compassionate.  Originally from California, USA, I have been living, travelling and working overseas since 1993.

Emphasis is placed on gender, culture  & spiritual respect and awareness, privacy, discretion and confidentiality. 

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